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Jeremy Moran, DPM

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Toenail removal may be the best solution to help you recover from a serious toenail injury, case of nail fungus, or ingrown toenail infection. At ToeOp in Tomball, Texas, you can undergo an in-office toenail removal procedure that’s virtually painless. If you have a nail condition and think you may need a toenail removal procedure, book an exam online today. You can also call the clinic directly to schedule.

Toenail Removal

Why do I need toenail removal?

Removing a toenail is typically a last resort if you have a nail issue that’s not responding to conservative treatments, or if you have a nail condition that’s more severe. Your podiatrist may recommend an in-office toenail removal procedure if you:

  • Continue developing ingrown toenails
  • Develop a deep fungal toenail infection 
  • Split or cracked your nail because of trauma
  • Have a serious nail infection, as with an ingrown toenail

Modern toenail removal procedures are faster and more comfortable than in years past, so you can expect the relief you need from the most complex of nail conditions. 


What happens during toenail removal?

Your toenail removal surgery from ToeOp is entirely tailored to you. The procedure begins with thoroughly numbing your toe and ensuring you can’t feel pain. Once you’re comfortable, your podiatrist uses specialized surgical tools to carefully separate your toenail from your nail bed.

After gently removing your toenail, your podiatrist can treat any underlying infection, including fungi. This direct application of medication is highly effective at helping you heal as quickly as possible. 

If you have a chronic nail issue, such as repeated ingrown toenails because of your curved nail shape, after removing your toenail, your podiatrist can treat the growth center with a laser or chemical agent. This stops nail growth and eliminates future nail issues.

The final step of toenail removal at ToeOp involves bandaging your toe and counseling you about postoperative care, including how to keep your surgical wound clean and how often to change your bandages.


Is toenail removal painful?

ToeOp is dedicated to patient comfort during all in-office procedures. Because your toe is thoroughly numbed before getting started on your toenail removal — it’s common to feel only feel a prick from the initial injection — you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort. 

The most patients usually report feeling during a toenail removal is a tugging or pulling sensation. But these minor sensations are very well-tolerated. 

Find out if toenail removal is right for you by booking an appointment at ToeOp. Click on the online scheduler or call the office directly to book a visit.